Broken your website?

It can be tough to keep your website up to date and ticking all the boxes for your consumers – let us handle that while you take care of your business.

Let us manage your website and keep everything up to date.

support starts from £19.99 a month

What is website maintenance?

While web development is the process of designing and building your site, website maintenance is the ongoing debugging and development of that site to ensure it reaches and operates at its full potential.

What website maintenance includes.

While it’s difficult to give a definitive answer – as there is no one size fits all approach when sites are built using a variety of tools and technologies – the following is a list of possible options that can be delivered:

  • Debugging and error fixes: – The investigation for and resolution of any issues found on the site (for example a contact form not working or a page of content being mis-styled).
  • Site changes (excluding content): – Implementation of new page layouts, updates to page styling and the addition of and update of site functionality.
  • Installation and configuration of new extensions: – Installation, setup, configuration and testing of new extensions.
  • Platform patches and upgrades: – Installation, configuration & testing of platform upgrades, patches and security fixes.
  • Vulnerability scanning: – A regular scan to monitor any threats to the site from viruses malware or hacking.
Why do you need website maintenance?

While your website may be where you make the majority of your money, you should be free to build a team of experts that are right for your business. For most brands, this need for focus means that site issues can pile up and necessary security checks can be neglected. With a website maintenance service, you can concentrate on doing what you do best and leave your site to trusted experts, ensuring that necessary work is always completed, and you and your consumers can rest easy knowing your site is secure and its security maintained.

Monthly website support from only £19.99


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